Friday, March 30, 2012

Lost Fragrance - A Collection of Selected Poems

Where the Happy and Comfort

Clock cries
Tick, tick tick tick
To the same rhythm
From word to word
His eyes run
From line to line,
His eyes leap
From page to page
His eyes pass
From book to book
His eyes change
Awoken eyes
Become drowsy
The flame of the
Kerosene oil lamp
Withered and gives
A dim light 0of a fire-fly
At the feet of  his rough mind
Which imprisoned among books
And finding the degree,
His two eyes shed tears
Requesting a sleep
Like two babies.  



Beauty of love
Of yours and mine
Gifted a tiny mind
And it has drawn
A figure
In your womb
Like and dislike things
Of that mind and figure
Hidden in your mind and beauty
And have made your rough mind soft
All the longings
Of that baby-mind
Feel soon
As a longing of yours
So my dear beauty
From the sour tastes
Console and satisfy
Not your mind and figure of lust
Not your own longings
But a craving of
A future-baby.


The only difference

Like to your home to you
Mine hut is my happiness
Like the red carpet on the tiled floor to you
Cow-dung washed floor
Responsible for my feet.
When highly nourished meal you eat
In the golden plate
Impure food fills my belly, in an
Old plastic plate
When you lull in a golden cradle
Under a golden canopy
I myself lulled in mind
While my mother away from me
Lulling another baby of a rich man.
The thing, point of your best pen writes
A tiny piece of my pencil does
The same thing
Your name is new and beautiful
Mine is old and ugly
Like your name to you
Mine is valued to me.


Non-existing flowers

At times I saw in this world
Various kinds of creations
All are between earth and sky
Among them all, But why
The flower, (reflection of beauty), is
Beautified for a day.


Hidden Flowers

Stars twinkle
Planets, comets,
Meteors and meteorites
Clear of a night in the sky
Charming world of various flowers
Beauty and diversity come to be seen
In the sun light
They blossom in the sun light.
But why the Kadupul-flower
Blossomed at night dark.


(*Kadupul-flower-a beautiful white coloured long flower blossoms at midnight and wither in the morning. Their flowers bloom from their long leaves.


I swallowed you from my two eyes
Decayed in mind
Deposited in heart
As love
Mixing with blood,
Drop by drop.
To feed the life.



Tear gland
That washes out
The eye of life

Attempt and hand-rail
To the world of thought

Light that goes with
Thunder and lightening

Lump of wish
Near the death-bed

In the funeral procession

Crown near the two feet,
Of the dead body

You are then lucky mark
Of an unlucky movement.


We Two

Like today and days gone by
Throughout tomorrow
Passing all the moments
Minutes, hours, days
Weeks, months and years
Bound together we have been
As eye and eye lid
No-one has come with me, but you only.



She expressed her sorry
To him
Who had been suffering
From a miserable life

And she expressed her love
To him
Who had been handsome
And leading happier life.


Secret of a Tear

Eyes of mine
Arrived on the beach of sorrows
Told me that
They shed tears since they couldn’t pass
The ocean of sorrows.

Eyes of mine
Arrived on the beach of happy
Told me that
They shed tears since they couldn’t pass
The ocean of happy.


Rich and Poor

Near the queue of the bus-stop
A crouched naked baby crying
Covered with dirt and dust.

In a place in a golden cradle
A baby sleeps in comfort lulling
But both of them
Breath in a self same way.

Both have five organs
But not very same.

Nature has given them
The same air natural
But not has fed and clothed them
Same way wondrous.


A Tear Smudged

Because of love
Because of you
A tear
To me.


To (You) My Love

Do not be a flower
That smells sweet and wither shortly
But be a flower
That gives no smell and not wither anyway
And be such a flower
blossom in my lake of heart.


A Hope

Be a flower and blossom
In the forest of my heart
Be a full moon
In the blue sky of my life
Be a river
And flow down sweeping
The banks of my heart
Be a merit and result
That gets for forgiveness
Be a hope and close to me
An inherit to me eternally.


You are Near Me

Be a shadow and follow me
Be a breeze and kiss me
Be a sweet smile and resound on my lips
Be a thought and hide in my heart.



Like the sun
Like the moon
At two times
You are like that
In my world.

Burns and lighten
Like the sun
Placid and cools
Like the moon.



Who thought of me more than I myself did
Who was sorry of me more than I myself did
Who loved me more than I loved me
Who searched of me and was careful
Of my every step that I put
Yes, I found you
You felt my hunger more than me
Pains and feelings
Clothes and ornaments and movements
Time and untimely
You could understood
More than these my rough two hands
Yours were strived and worried of me
Since laziness, my hands
Just strive with me
A glass of cold water, a hot cup of tea
Your hands brought to me
Your hands cooked and prepared and
A plate of rice served by your hands
Your hands offered to my hands
Please accept from your two hands
All my life.


Free Trade Economy

Let the large ships and airplanes come
From throughout the world
Fraud bribery and corruption
Opium cannabis and heroin
Narcotics and licker
Come from ships through out
Distribute narcotic-tablets and powder
Among the people
And destroy the nation
Dragging the whole nation
In to an abyss
Thugs and robbers
Drunkards and sensual society
And further on ………
The result of the free trade economy.


My Country

Now my country is
Like a cart
Drags by a bull, suborned and old
Not only the cart man
But also the bull
Doesn’t know the way
Reason is
Neither bull, nor cart man
Has our folk’s needs
Hopes and longs.



With eyes
With heart
The world.


A Child's Song

A drop of tear
Is born, to sing the pain
Blood turned out milk
To relieve that pain
Of you (my child)
For their sake
To bear the children
Ocean has become water
To look after them.


The Aim

A worker’s body
Who works hard
At the saw-mill
Tired and afraid of
At the rotating saw
Saw edge of the flying-wheel
Sawing timber speedily
Try and try again
To catch his hand.  



Though I get the light of sun
Secretly to the sun
Though I get the feeling
Of the cold of the moon
Secretly to the moon
Though I smell the sweet
Smell of flower
Secretly to the flower
I can not listen
To your word
Secretly to my mind.


Origin of a Birth

Thorn bushes and cactus
Grow well in sands
In dried and rustic soil.
Invaluable flora and sweet smelling
Flowers and fruits
Well grown in
With enough cold and warm
Suitable soil.

Inhuman feelings arise
In unjust and sinful
Cruel and poisonous
And injurious heart.


Sorrow of transmigration 

Jaws folded, teeth empty and grin
Give pains unlimited
Body thinned, legs stumbled
Go on pilgrimages.
Mouth dumb and rouse
Unbearable grieves and sorrows
Life is a competition
Gains only pains.



Every day
Your tears my dear
Shedding mode
From my eyes, clear

Every day
Mine smiles my dear
Resounding mode
From your mouth…hear

You and me
Sharing mode equally
Ups and downs
Of our lives.



Though ‘it’ was
An experienced truth
That past, gone by
But it’s seen
As a dream to me myself
Scratching my heart
Disappeared the law of nature once
And how much then I shed
My tears warm
Memorandum of them are
Here and there in my heart settle down

Love of mine had been
On sick bed of mind mine
For a long time.
Breath of love
Has gone away
Little by little.
Now I feel like something lost
Yes, something invaluable
Never can regain.


Motherly Virtues

Beauty of a flower
Not exists for ever
When the fruit is born
Petals will be none.
When children are born
Mother's beauty shall be gone
For that beauty is turned
Into milk white.
To feed the children born
Her motherly fragrance
Shall become their breath
And though her beauty is gone
Her heart is over flown
With her motherly love.


Worker’s Life

Turning whole
Burning legs into ashes
And raw tiles into red-hot
Flame of  the tile mill
Quenches the difficulties of life.
When the work over
Workers are like lifeless bodies.
During the night
Just like the die at night
Crouch in old torn rush mats
And get up early in the morning
To go to work
To find lives
For their children.



Without having eaten
A delicious food
To fill his belly
Without having worn
A pleasant clothing
To fill his mind
Without having any satisfaction
To his heart and mind
Last exhalation was done
By him
Having told the nature of the world
Having written
Land and property
In  acres, roods  and perches
As deed of transfer to us
Having assigned legal power
Of vegetation, fruits and buildings
And all other things
He accepted four cubits
From Public-Cemetery
To be buried.



Sweet smell the
Wonderful childhood
Clean and pure
A wonder is
It’s too short
Doesn’t let taste


On the president's path
children beg
In their beggarly attire.
An on the either side
Of the President's path
Children laugh
In playful glee.
But they all breathe
In the self same way.

Black and White

You plucked the tea leaves
And shed,
Your blood and sweat
To fight poverty
Of our folk,
Potatoes and chilies
You grew
To feed your folk
But the unkind sun
Turned you dark.
Though dark is your face
White is your heart
And though bodily white
In mind they are dark.

Starving and Feeding

O brother, So young
Who temper the clay
And roll it
To feed the yawning mouth
Of the tile factory
You see not how
The factory devours
Your life breathe
Along with the chunks of clay
Tell me, O' brother
How old are you?
The toothless belt
Which bit your fingers in
Whirls incessantly
And you
Wrapping your wounded fingers
Though in starvation
Feed the factory again and again
Tell me brother young
In what grade were you?
The day you bade
Farewell to school.

My hamlet tries to make me a lover

My hamlet tries to make me a lover
My kismet tries to make me a liar
I wonder what will it be ?
And want not to waste my time.

The sun of age comes brightening up.
The page in the book of my life is nice
The cage of my hopes to shatter about
And want not to waste my time.

At the time sun kisses the hungry ocean
Sparkling stars clear sky make spotted
Lovely thoughts come into mind
And want not to waste my time.



the masculine pride
deploring the womanhood
men polluted
their humanity themselves.



not having got married
but having got found
baby-milk powder
and caused to drink me
and fed me
by you
the elder sister of mine
having no experience
But devotion for motherhood
as the case may be
having not got a husband
and not giving birth to children
Gave me motherly protection
The day I'll get marry and
protection for my future
you'll be alone an unprotected.


Lost Fragrance

light of the sun
could be seen
the day I got my eyes

Appreciation of the language
could be heard
the day I got my ears

Sweet smell of the world
Could feel me
the day you left me.


Human Labor and Understanding

Just like heartless machines
human mills work
When the controlling buttons
are pressed
according to the rulers
They are bent down.


Give me your hand

I'm unable to stir
the ocean of creations
of poetry
and to measure
the depth of it
my knowledge is poor
Let me stir
among the waves
of the criticism and inquiries
Let me be a new
drop of water
and enter to the
ocean of poetry.


Mother's Love

I learned
to write, read and listen
and to understand
from school
I was taught
by various types of teachers.
while I was
walking about
in the society
they taught me
many a thing
only my mother
taught me
how to love
human beings
and living beings.



Everything that touches
five senses
is a challenge
every day.



I look at her
I am burned from
fire of lust
Then I am freed from it
and look away
Then I am burned
from separation.

When I peep through the window

This is my room little
from where I write poems
once I see sun-sets
and once I see moon-sets
But never I have seen
Sun or the moon rising
through this window.


A Couple

She was born
close to me
as a love
She was dead
as a wife
close to me.



When I looked through
the mirror
my face was
separated into two
I was surprised
mirror had been
broken into two.



Cry damsel cry loudly
Cry like a little baby cry
to release
your unbearable pain hidden
at the heart bottom
echoing throughout the day
You were got cheated
to a youth handsome
he has you given
an unforgettable thing
new comer, new life
you have to responsible
for a child fatherless
try and try hard
to find a substitute
for your future child
what is done
cannot be undone.



your mind
and mine
both are be one
your form
and mine
are be one
your world
and mine
are be one
your voice
and mine
are be one
we can smile together.


Mother of a Flutist

At dawn
first sun-rays
knock on my door
and peep through the key-hole
to awake me
in such a time
in an awaken-song
from radio
as a sound of a flute
you come to me

At night
when the sun has set
you come to me
as before, my son
in a film or
in a teledrama
as a sweet sound
of a flute
with a charming theme.


A Farmer

A farmer works hard
to learn not only his living
but many others
neither he has a chance
to have a nutritious food
not to have got a sufficient food
to fill his empty belly
but has to fill
many a belly
of known and unknown people
with very difficulty he lives
never he wear clothes
valuable, neat and clean.
under the burning sun
or in the pouring rain
he does his work well
not limited to eight hours
like a government job
from early morning
till it gets dark.
Shedding sweat and tears
he works
hoe, billhook and plough
broad knife and axe
experienced and accustomed
a few cattle he has
to help him.

A Word

Stone-like word
Fell into my mind
Softness of my mind disappeared
From the roughness of the word.

By the sides of the roads
and on the rivers
Blood-shed youths
At the main junctions
Dead bodies burning
No any kith and kin
To claim silently

Though there is a mindless wind
to tear and scatter
thoughts and words
But nothing was done.

All of you with me
As were before together
If the day will be come
It will be the day I will win.

Power of gases

Since the nature
Of the diffusion of gases
Brings us
Smell of flowers sweet
If there is no any gas
No wind and no any diffusion
In the emptiness
Nothing brings us
The sweet smell
Of flowers.



The world of birds
Is very fine, they sing vividly.
There are rare birds
Sometimes we can see,
And we can hear
Once for our life time
Scientists and explorers
Study and collect of their data,
Of their behavioral science
How they eat, drink and sing
Make their nests and feed their young
Literates and bird-lovers
Talk about the tunes and hues
But my wonder is
All of them talk
Read and Write
Listen and praise
Only of the cuckoo-bird
And its singing beauty